Content Management System (CMS)

What is CMS?
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CMS Features

A Content Management System (CMS) is an Internet based software that allows you to organize and keep track of text, photos, videos, documents on your website.

On top of basic text editing features – copy, paste, delete, etc. you get the following:

  • Pages Management Create / Edit / Publish / Delete • Page
  • Text Content Add / Update / Delete • Text Content
  • Links Add / Delete • Links
  • Images Upload / Resize / Delete • Images
  • Videos Upload / Add / Delete • Videos
  • Basic SEO Add / Update / Delete • Keywords / Website Description
  • Web Traffic Analytics Add / Update / Delete • Google Analytics / Other Analytics

CMS Dashboard Login

Login to your personal CMS Dashboard. At the bottom of your custom new website, you will find your personal login button. Just click on it and you will be directed to your personal CMS Dashboard.

CMS Login

CMS Dashboard Edit All Your Websites

Manage all your websites from the same account. Surreal CMS connects to your web server over FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3. Use the same web hosting you always have.

All files get published directly to your web server, so you’ll never be locked in to our service.

And since nothing gets installed on your server, you never have to worry about running updates and your website will stay safe from security exploits.

Login Dashboard

So Much More!

Repeatable regions, page templates, custom styles, SEO editing, lockdown mode…

There’s so much more we could talk about, but maybe it’s time to just create your account and try everything out.